We operate a four-year creative curriculum plan which is in-line with the new National Curriculum. Subject leaders are responsible for mapping National Curriculum objectives for their subject into these themes so that we ensure full objective coverage. They also produce detailed medium-term plans for each class and are developing effective assessment mechanisms following the removal of levels, in order that we can ensure that our children are making good progress. Our current pupil tracker is fully updated to be in-line with the new National Curriculum.

Please click here for an overview of our ‘Astronomers’ theme this year:

• Robins class overview (EYFS at Bainbridge)
• Owls class overview (Y1/2 at Bainbridge
• Golden Eagles overview (Y3/4 at Askrigg)
• Merlins class overview (Y5/6 at Askrigg)
• Swallows class overview (YR/1/2 at West Burton)
• Skylarks class overview (Y3/4/5/6 at West Burton)

  Year A (2018/19) Year B (2019/20) Year C (2020/21) Year D (2021/22)
Autumn Term   Astronomers Entreprenuers Fair Traders
Spring Term Taking Care of Where we Live Explorers Invaders Authors
Summer Term Navigators Olympians Marine Biologists Hunter Gatherers

Phonics is delivered in EYFS and KS1 using 'Letters and Sounds'.


Please click on the links below to view more details about our current theme and what aspects of the National Curriculum will be covered during it.