Paper Copies / Information in a different format

If you require a paper copy of any of the information contained within this site, we provide these free of charge. If you wish to receive any information in accessible print (e.g. braille or large print), please contact the school.

Please see below the Policies for our Federation

Acceptable Use Policy (pupil)
Acceptable Use Policy (staff & governors)
Allegations of abuse against staff
Anti Bullying

Attendance (pupils)
Calculations (maths)
Charging and Remissions
Child Protection Policy
Collective Worship
Complaints (unreasonable)
Emergency School Closure
Governor Allowances
Health and Safety
Healthy Food and Drink
Intimate Care
Information (Handling) Policy (GDPR)
Instrument of Government
Marking and Feedback
Maths (calculations)
Mental Health and Wellbeing (staff)
Mental Health and Wellbeing 
Pay Policy
Sex and Relationships
Single Equality Scheme, (including accessability plan)
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions
Teaching and Learning

The following policies may also be of interest to you. Please contact school if you would like a copy:

Budget Management
Code of conduct (staff)
Critical Incident & Business Continuity (Emergency Response Guide) - suite of documents
Drugs policy (education and management of)
Governor School Visits
Health and Safety (various specific policies)
Intimate Care
Presentation and Display
Publication Scheme
Recruitment and Selection

If there are any policies which you don’t see here and would like to ask about, please contact the school office as this is not a comprehensive list; we have provided those which are either statutory or which we think you might find useful or informative.


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Our schools are located in three seperate locations and the children are taught across all of them depending on their class. Please see our Contact Us page for individual school addresses and a map.

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About Us

Our schools are located in the picturesque villages of Bainbridge, Askrigg, and West Burton in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  Ours schools are happy places with high aspirations for all our children and we work actively with our parents and community to ensure that we provide the best educational experiences for our children.


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Contact Us by Email

Askrigg: 01969 650331
Bainbridge: 01969 650336
West Burton: 01969 663230