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pdfLetter to Parents 20th June 2018

pdfDue Diligence Report 5th June 2018

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pdfAppendix 4 - Financial Balance Breakdown

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Dear Parents, Carers and Stakeholders,

As you are very aware a tremendous amount of time and labour has been invested in finding the most appropriate model to deliver the best possible education for our children. This is pitched against a need for educational and financial sustainability. Myself and Mrs Harrison have worked closely with the Governing Board, the Local authority and we have taken into account your views via the ‘Drop-ins’ and written feedback. Ultimately we have been looking for an option that delivers the best possible education for our pupils now and in the future.

As stated in our letter dated 22nd March 2018 the option provisionally recommended by the governors (“Option 7”) was an option for internal reorganisation of the schools. Option 7 did not have sufficient community support to proceed. Some people who responded were in favour of this option, but many had very strong reservations about it. There were three other options for internal reorganisation of the schools which were projected to deliver a budget surplus by 2020/21. One of these (“Option 3”) also attracted both some support and equally strong opposition. The other two did not have any significant support.

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  1. Supporting Letter
  2. BAWB Public Engagement Paper SPRING 2018
  3. Community Feedback response form (PDF version)
  4. Community Feedback response form (Word version; editable)



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